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  • Northstar Guidance Rating & Recommendations
  • Continuous Updates From Insider Transactions
  • Twitter Sentiment Analysis: Positive and Negative trends
  • Analyst Ratings and Price Targets for Top Rated Stocks
  • Latest & Most Important Daily Stock News & Videos
Welcome to Sterling Stock Picker

5-Star Stock Performance

Consistent, Proven Results Short and Long Term. If we Were a Mutual Fund There Would be a Line Around the Corner of People Who Want to Invest to With Us

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Our Software Shows you Winning Stocks in 2 Clicks


Industry Best

Easily Find Top Ranked Stocks Outperforming Their Peers During the Previous 30 days. Daily Performance Tracked Versus Their Industry.


Stock Rockets

Pure Gold! Daily Curated List of Companies That Have 50%+ Quarterly Revenue Growth. Highest 5-Star North Star Ranking. Industry Top Performer. Sorted Based on Risk Profile.


Investment Guidance

LIVE Market Updates from Software Founder, Jaden Sterling Answering Your Investment Questions & Unveiling a Stock of The Week.


Stock Forum

A Friendly Place to ask Questions, Gain Feedback or Share Investing Tips and Ideas.


AI/Machine Learning

This Proprietary Feature Analyzes Historical Stock Prices Based on RBF, Polynomial and Linear Calculations as well as Twitter Sentiment to Give You A Predictive Stock Pricing Algorithm to Invest Confidently.


Success Recipes

Whether You are Looking for Income, Lightning Fast Growth or Building Wealth We’ve Got You Covered. Easy to Implement Stock Picking Strategies are in Success Recipes. You’ll Love This Feature.


Done-For-You Portfolio Builder

  •  Easy 13 Question - Multiple Choice Survey
  •  Determines Your Risk Tolerance Level for Investing
  •  Integrates Directly With Portfolio Builder and Shows You the Best Rated Stocks for Your Risk Level
  •  Risk Level Shown for all Stocks - to Allow you to Align Your Risk Tolerance With Your selected Stocks

Save 30% with Annual Billing

Stock Analysis Based on Fundamental, Financial and Technical Metrics

Curated Data Base of 60,000 + Stocks & Crypto

Real Time Stock Quotes

Crypto Analysis Based on Technical Indicators

Comprehensive Stock Search Based on Your Risk Tolerance Level

Stock Search Aligned With Your Personal Values

Access to Weekly Market live streams

Buy/Sell Stock Recommendations via Email or Text

Customized Portfolio Recommendations

Customized Real Time Streaming Ticker

Stock Rockets, Access to Stocks with 100% + Earnings Growth, Industry Top Performer & 5-Star North Star Ranking

Community Chat Forum & Community Recommendations: Most Watched & Community Best Performers

Stock Price Target Notifications via Email/Text or Both

Customized Portfolio & Watchlist

Portfolio Dashboard & News Feed

Track Stock Performance

Access to SSP Top Investors

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What our clients say about us

Chris a High School Teacher who is fast tracking his retirement goals! I Invested $19,000. and had a return of 150% All because of the Sterling Stock Picker It is the BEST software program out there!
Mihai went from being in debt to paying off his debt and buying stocks within a year.
Nola went from being afraid to look at her statements to investing on her own and earning 30% return. One of her stocks went up 500% in less than a year.
Jennifer went from afraid to invest, to confidently investing. One of her stocks went up 50% in a month.
  • SaaS Awards Winner

    We at SaaS Awards recommend Sterling Stock Picker due to its impressive results, which are outperforming the market averages. Well done, Sterling Stock Picker


    Christopher Southall

    Lead Judge-SaaS Award

  • 200% return on my investments

    I have been using the Sterling Stock Picker for almost a year and it has played an integral part in me achieving over a 200% return on my investments. Do your Due Diligence with the help of this amazing program.


    Chris Johnson

    SSP Valued Member

  • I gained 32%

    This is my first year investing, and thanks to all your help from the App and your Live calls each week, I gained 32%. Thank you so very much for sharing your knowledge through the App, for people like me !


    Jade Fulton

    SSP Valued Member

  • This app has changed by life!

    I love the Stock Rockets! I use this section regularly in the STERLING STOCK PICKER app! This app has changed by life!


    Sheena Denscombe

    SSP Valued Membe

  • Thank you SSP!

    I love that I receive recommendations in my email inbox for me, tailored and customized for my own values and beliefs. Thank you SSP!


    Julie Rose

    SSP Valued Member


Learn More

Expand your knowledge regarding stock investing and growing your money via our comprehensive learning platform. From Money Therapy to Learning how to invest in stocks to our Money Mentorship program you will easily gain a world class financial education.
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Simply Money Program: is a Money Therapy program designed to help you clear money blocks and heal money wounds. Our Video Learning Platform teaches you how to: Get, Keep and Grow your money. Each module has a handout and guided meditation to reinforce learning, all are yours to keep!

Sterling Stock System:No fluff, on demand videos covering all aspects of investing. Module 1 covers, “What is a stock”. Easily consumable, this course takes the fear out of investing.

Options 101:Everything you need to know to make money & insure your portfolio Options can be lucrative when it comes to maximizing your portfolio returns and protecting your equity positions from downside risk!

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Employee financial wellness programs can pay dividends
Employee financial wellness programs can pay dividends

As a business leader, you have the power to give your employees an outlet to learn about money, heal their relationship with it, and grow personally and financially. Employees now more than ever look to employers to help solve their money problems. Interestingly, lack of money isn’t the main issue, rather lack of knowledge when it comes to money is the problem.

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Most Innovative Companies and CEO's of 2023
Most Innovative Companies & CEOs of 2023

Jaden Sterling, CEO of SSP Software, LLC. His company’s award-winning stock-picking software has the ability to outperform industry averages and provide investing support for novice investors. The software, called “Sterling Stock Picker,” considers social media sentiment and analyses financial, technical and fundamental metrics for 60,000 publicly traded companies....

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SAAS Award Best Product For Financial Services
Sterling Stock Picker™'s 'Future-Proof' Innovative Stock Selector Wins Software 'Oscar'

The judges at this year's Software as a Service (SaaS) awards, deemed by many as the software equivalent to the Academy Awards for movies, named Sterling Stock Picker™ as the winner in the category "Best SaaS Product for Financial Services." The judges in particular highlighted how the software helps to develop smart, economically resilient stock plans.

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